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From Brand New to Pre Owned Nissan - Common Car Choices

Some people say the car you drive says a lot about who you are. These days, that may still hold true, although for entirely different reasons. Most car buyers now go for the vehicle they think would give them more car for less costs. The costs usually include the price of the vehicle and its fuel needs. Many shoppers prefer pre owned Nissan and other used vehicles over brand new ones because they typically cost much less. Whether you are in the market for a brand new or a used car, take into account if the vehicle you want fits your budget, way of life, and personality. Here are some of the modern types of automobiles you can choose from.


The most obvious advantage of a regular sedan is its four doors. There is enough space for at least four people to enter, exit, and ride in comfort, plus a trunk to carry their luggage. Buy a sedan especially if you have one or two children. They can sit comfortably in the back and you do not have to climb over the front seats to tend to them.

Coupes or Convertibles

This type is usually a good choice for single people who want to make a statement about their personality. Convertibles usually have more stylish exteriors. Some have backseats but it can be a burden accessing them often, as the car has only two doors.

Hatchbacks and Station Wagons
Hatchbacks are not big sellers in the American market. They have four doors for passengers, and a fifth at the back for the luggage space. They are like a cross between a sedan and an SUV, only that they have lower ground clearance, allowing them to drive like a sedan. They also consume less gas than SUVs and crossovers. These days, many car shoppers are giving hatchbacks a second look, primarily because SUVs and crossovers are pricier and less fuel efficient.

Station wagons are perhaps even a little less desirable than hatchbacks in the U.S., although that trend is also beginning to change. They have more room than hatchbacks and are still more affordable to own than SUVs. Station wagons are second only to minivans if you are shopping for a large family.


Minivans are probably your best option if you have a large family. They are much more comfortable than sedans and other cars if you haul about eight passengers. There is ample boot space for luggage, and good value for money when it comes to fuel.

SUVs and Crossovers

SUVs and crossovers are like a hatchback or a station wagon with a higher ground clearance. Unless you regularly drive over rough road and snow, you do not need them. Some have partial or full-time 4-wheel-drive, but those are best for driving on very rugged terrain and up mountains, and for towing other vehicles. Of these vehicle types, these are perhaps the costliest to own, fill up, and maintain. Buy them if you definitely need them.

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